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[Hystery of Heat chapbook by Publishing Genius Press]

Hystery of Heat was performed at the Ontological-Hysteric Theatre's Outside/Input Series
(NYC), April 28-30, D.C. Art Center May 7, and The Ontological-Hysteric Summer Series August 16-19, 2006... and again in 2007 at Baltimore Theatre Project.

Hystery of Heat is a performance piece about heat, love, death, dance, hysteria and the dangers of rock and roll.
It is performed by a group of young men and women who express their fears and desires in front of an audience of friends, lovers and strangers.
This piece is for anyone who has fears and / or believes they will someday die.
The ingénue of the group, Jackie Milad will try not to freak out about such issues as global warming, over population and our fast-paced hyperdigital age,
and projectionist Bonnie Jones adds moment-to-moment meta-commentary via live power point presentation.
Lead lecturer Ric Royer will attempt to maintain a logical thread of thought while under extreme heat duress and frequently bombarded by
eerie and grating noises generated by sound reconstructionist G. Lucas Crane

photo credit to Lauren Bender and Tom Boram