Sarah Schulman

Went to see her talk last night in Brooklyn. Got to talk to her after. I asked her who’s obligation it is to address the shunning, the punitive (in)justice, and the rejection/exclusion of members of society. Her answer: it is the obligation of the friends of the shunned. It’s the obligation of those who care […]

The Collages of Helen Adam

Happy to see Cuneiform Press and Further Other Book Works putting out this book of collages by Helen Adam: I have long thought of how under-recognized she was, so it’s good to see her getting some pages. When I was an undergrad student at University at Buffalo working in the Poetry and Rare Books Collection, I […]

My Sincerest Apologies, Victor Frankenstein

A Word Play by Ric Royer, sound by G Lucas Crane.

Not good.

The voice in which we speak of terrible things

The voice in which we speak of the terrible things is everywhere. I hear it on the radio, TV, in conversations, and it’s ferociously loud in the tone of the voice in social media. It fills the space with everything from desperation, pain, anger, enthusiasm, style, and theatricality.  I hear the voice beg for help, […]

I’ve been thinking a lot about owls

I’ve been thinking a lot about owls. I took a long look at myself in the mirror, and I noticed the same face as always: it looks at once distant and intense, soft and creepy. It also seems to be ready to fall right off. Nothing new, I think it’s been that way since birth. […]

I Have Always Been Despised By Bicyclists

I have nothing against bicyclists. I’m an advocate for ditching the vehicle, I have a nice bike and enjoy riding it, all for bike lanes etc… bikes are fine. But bicyclists never even give me a chance. Immediately upon seeing me, they just can’t stand me.  They must have some sixth sense; they can sniff […]