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There Were One and It Was Two; Annotated Artifacts from the Doubles Museum is a book that you can hear, a CD that you can read. It uses items borrowed from The Doubles Museum, curated by Canadian artists Jill Millings and Dr. Armand Rudge, to examine the double in its uncanny manifestations. Learn about Klaus the Two-Person, hear the lonely cries of lovers afraid of loving, feel the mist of the mysterious Gemini Fountain. Includes a booklet and CD designed to be read/listened to simultaneously. There Were One is a poetic/critical combination of radio play and lecture that eventually becomes haunted by itself in an endless process of doubling.
The piece was originally conceived as a solo performance, and that performance toured last year thanks in part to a grant from the Baltimore Office of Promotion of the Arts. Royer then translated the performance into a page-appropriate piece, and collaborated with John Berndt who created an audio component to the book. Narrow House Records released the book/CD in June 2007.

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