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A surreal satanic panic comic book written by Ric Royer, illustrated by MT Shelves

Stories from Fontana High

Four short stories set in a creepy high school with creepy students and creepy faculty doing creepy things. Experimental erotic Young Adult fiction.

There Were One and It Was Two

Annotated artifacts from the Doubles Museum. A book you can hear, a recording you can read. Written and performed by Ric Royer, sound by John Berndt

Baltimore Catechism

Collaborative artist’s book written by Chris Fritton & Ric Royer. Imaginary revision of A Catechism of Christian Doctrine (1885) wherein the authors posit the most fundamental and absurd physical and metaphysical questions, and postulate ever more fundamental and absurd answers.

She Saw Ghosts, He Saw Bodies

Two short stories on death and sleep by Ric Royer. Each book features a unique hand-drawn cover by Jackie Milad, no two books are the same. Signed by Author & Illustrator. Published by Narrow House Press, 2010

Dark Cabinet of the Strange Weird

Ric Royer and G Lucas Crane offer their take on the radio ghost story and other dramatic frights that combine spoken narrative and audio terrors.

The Weather Not the Weather

Book of fragments. 62 pages. Published by Outside Voices, 2011


A book of combs