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Blood for Dracula

Psychic Readings Co’s Late Night Theatre is back with a stage adaptation of Paul Morrisey’s 1974 horror sexpolitation flick Blood for Dracula.
Psychic tapped Sarah Jacklin to write the adaptation and direct this gothic camp masterpiece originally produced by Andy Warhol. Set in contemporary America our protagonist (Dracula) goes on a journey through the county in search of something pure, but a fateful stop in a rural Air B&B run by the sex-obsessed DiFiore sisters may be his undoing.  

All shows are at 10pm and runs April 28-30 and May 5-7. Reserve tickets by saying so to

Tickets were $10 OR $8 if you brought garlic to throw at the vamps.

With Ishai Barnoy, Jacob Zbawa, Danni Tsuboi, Marian Keramati, Nina Kearin, and Mike Smith

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