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Updated: May 23

A woman throwing up in a Kleenex. It just wasn’t cut out for the job. We sat and watched, more useless than the tissue. The anus, hers in this case, goes crazy during vomiting, from extra tight to too loose. That is unless she was born with no anus. That reminds me of another story. About a woman throwing up in a Kleenex. She crumpled it up, and returned it to her pocket. I believe this is what they call “shame to grace”. We tried not to look. I prayed, I missed my friends, I missed my family and those I loved the other way, who loved me the other way. Why did I let so many let me go? Fay Wray had a grip on King Kong too, so anything can happen. But for now, the best I can do is brace myself for the smell of vomit to reach me and the salami in my backpack. Let the world burn around me.

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