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Miss Chthonic Star Dream Pageant is coming to a city near you! This beauty pageant is a monstrous parade of internal realities fueled by sacrifice. Watch as labor, exploitation, and sexual/economic oppression are thrust onto the catwalk! WANT TO BE A STAR? Each night three local contestants will appear before our judges with the hope of becoming the next Miss Chthonic Star, but the pageant quickly turns into a perverse reality show where the real objective is to try to get out of the pageant alive! Braiding pleasure and the abject and spiking it with a heavy dose of buffoonery, Miss Chthonic is a stress dream starring a whole bunch of anxiety. 

The Dream Pageant was written by Ric Royer, with sound by G Lucas Crane and features members from three New York experimental theatre
companies: Title:Point, Object Collection and the Psychic Readings

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